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The De-Stress Exercise

*Use the exercise that is taught here daily, as instructed. Doctor-prescribed for stress. Read Testimonies
“I wish I had come by it earlier... much earlier!”
July 1, 2010

I found this meditation about 4 weeks ago... At first, I only did it 1x a day, because I was doubtful it would work! I'd tried quite a lot of meditations before, so.. Most of them had been moderately helpful, so when I heard about this one, I really didn't think that this very little, simple and dinky exercise would do anything. But, I was surprised.. really really surprised. I'm not even sure why it works the way it does, but it's been powerful enough to cause some very positive changes in me. I wish I had come by it earlier.. much earlier!

It was after practicing the exercise 1x a day for about 2 weeks that I started to see very small, but positive changes and shifts. They were in regards to achieving self-control over my thinking and feeling. I lost that many years ago. After seeing these small but amazing changes, I was encouraged and determined to set aside more time to do it. For the last 2 weeks I've been making sure I do it at least 2x a day, for about 10 minutes each time (even 5 minutes is good). The results have been cumulative. I'm finding that I am regaining back my ability to live in the present moment, and peace of mind is returning. I cannot believe it, still.. It's certainly been a long long time since I've felt this way. I mean, before, I was always either still fighting impatience and resentment feelings (over past circumstances/ people who have hurt me), or worrying and being afraid of the future. Not only does it help me to stay in the present moment, but this meditation also helps me to recognize when I am daydreaming or dissociating. Once I do, I am able to pull out of it in seconds.

“THE only cure for stress”
August 13, 2013

Within 6 weeks of beginning my meditation I no longer required medications that I was told I needed for the rest of my life. My children, friends and family began to comment on the subtle changes in my demeanor and outlook on life. I could feel the "problems" in my life starting to melt away and the stress level decrease drastically.

I am renewed with a spirit and quality of life that is unexplainable. The same "stressors" show up every day for me just like everyone. But now I am one of those people who say "thank you" to the stress. Thank you for the opportunity to face life's challenges in the right way, every single day, every single time.

“Helped me enormously”
September 3, 2010

This meditation is very different from many others, so I would like to encourage you to at least listen to it, and try it, before thinking that they are all the same. Believe me, they are not. There is nothing better for panic attacks than this meditation. At the root of anxiety and depression is repressed anger and resentment and a wrong response to pressure. This meditation teaches the foundation of forgiveness and patience for everything, every circumstance, every person, and yourself; how to just observe all negative emotions, and how to speak up at the right time. This will free you.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing has helped me as much as this has.”
June 3, 2010

I recently found this meditation… It is a grounding meditation, or observation exercise that is similar to [other grounding exercises]. When done daily it helps develop your mental muscle to effortlessly always be in the present moment. Thoughts, feelings, daydreams are simply observed like clouds or like a movie, as opposed to getting all wrapped up and overwhelmed by them.

I have been doing this exercise for about 4 weeks now, and have noticed amazing changes. Nothing, absolutely nothing has helped me as much as this has. It is definitely great self-therapy.

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